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#Calculation Component
#Calculation Component
Version 2.1.198



Thanks to all customers for their support. And thanks to everyone who gives us help on our development.

Special thanks to:
Mariano Felice (gives us too many good suggestions and helps :)
zjtdr (the first good advice contributor of #Calc.)
Xiang Sui (discussed some technique details of #Calculation Component in the beginning period)
Larry Ni
Xincheng Hao
Lynn Thames
Carl Lloyd
Miro Jankov
Jan Sima
Hao Nie (the former partner of us)
Holly King (the former partner of us)
Zhenxiao Wang
Hongbin Fei (the author of TCAD)
David Axelson (too many valuable feedbacks of #Calc from this customer)
Our mailing list system is powered by PHPlist, special thanks to its author Michiel Dethmers.







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