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#Calculation Component
#Calculation Component
Version 2.1.198



More and more our customers inquire us whether we can modify our products for them in order to adapt their projects need. Because not all of them need all functions of our products. For example, some customers of #Calculation Component haven't use the 'Matrix Function' in their projects at all. But the 'Matrix Function' will affect the calculation speed. In this condition, they usually want a faster speed LITE edition of our products. In addition, some other customers want to change the names of 'Built-in Functions', or add some new ones for their project applications. ...

All these can not be easily done by customers themselves. So we release 'Customize Service' of our products to our customers.

The price of Customize Serivce consists of Basic Price and Additional Price.

The Additional Price will base on the requirement of you. We will calculate this price after you send us your customize requirements.

The Basic Customize Serivce Price List Of #Calculation Component
License Type
1 Developer License
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4 Developer Team License
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8 Developer Team License
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1 Site Wide License
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The total process of Customize Serivce

[1]customers(you) send requirements to Devom.com(we)
[2]if (we can realize your requirements) then
       we calculate the additional price
       we reply you 'incapable'
[3]we send the additional price to you
[4]if (you do not agree with the additional price) then
       you tell us your acceptable price
       we will calculate the aditional price again according to your acceptable price
       we send the new additional price to you
       if (you still don't agree with the new additional price) then
          we reply you 'failed in customize service'
[5]you pay the basic price to us
[6]we finish your requirements
[7]we send the customized product to you
    if (it can not satisfy your requirements) then
       you tell us what should be improved again
       we improve the product according to your new requirements
       we send the new one to you
       if (it still can not satisfy your requirements) then
          we reply you 'incapable'
[8]you pay the additional price to us

Upgrade for Customized Products
We only provide the minor upgrades for Customized Products. The price of per upgrade is 20% of the customize service price you have ordered before.





















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