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#Calculation Component
#Calculation Component
Version 2.1.198


  #Calculation ASP Demo For Microsoft IIS has been added!
  An ASP sample which shows how to use #Calculation Component (Server Edition) in Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) is available now. You can download it here.
  #Calculation Demo For Microsoft Visual C++6.0 has been added!
  A sample which shows how to use #Calculation Component in Microsoft Visual C++6.0 is available now. You can download it here.
  SharpCalculation Component Version 2.1.198 Released!!
  The name of variable and custom function can use the characters in Double Byte Character Set (DBCS) now!!
  SharpCalculation Component Version 2.0.2368 Released!!
  A bug regarding 'Error 5' message has been fixed! Not everyone can meet this bug, because it according to the language edition of Windows OS you use. Thanks to many valuable feedbacks from David Axelson.
  SharpCalculation Component Version 2.0.2126 Released!!
  Too many new features have been realized in this new release! String operations, Date&Time operations are all available now. More than 60 new built-in functions and 2 new operators have been added, too. Bugs fixed and speed optimization ...
  Devom.com is open to customers today!
  Our new website Devom.com is open to visitors and customers today! We will provide more professional services to our customers. Our aim is to develop the professional component products for software developers especially designed to make software development easier, faster and more effective. Devom - 'give power to software development'.
#Calculation Component Update History

[+]new feature
[-]bug fixed
[*]feature improvement

Version 2.1.198
[+]support DBCS characters (such as Chinese characters, Japanese characters etc.) as variable name and custom function name
[+]use the default value in the variable assignment operation if the expression has any errors, eg: A=\5, it will give an error and the value of variable A will be NULL in the former version. From this version of #Calculation Component, it will use the default value 0 as its value.
[*]optimize the speed of variable management
[*]improve the 'Scientific Notation'
[*]improve the way to handle the variables in custom functions
[*]improve the error capture, more accurate than before
[-]undefined functions bug, eg: F(1) should give an error information, because F is not a defined function. But in the former version, F will be seemed as a variable.
[-]remove matrix dimension warning
[*]other little tweaks

Version 2.0.2368
[-]a bug in 'String Conversion' has been fixed, this bug can cause error 5 messge in every calculation process, and the bug according to the Windows OS you use, not everyone can meet it.

Version 2.0.2126
[+]support string data type operation
[+]support date&time data type operation
[+]new String functions
[+]new Date&Time funcitons
[+]new Financial functions
[+]new MessageBox functions
[+]you can use the variables named the same as system functions now, eg: len=5,left=6,max=7 etc.
[+]& operator for string concatenation
[+]Like operator for strings comparision
[*]improve the existent functions
[*]optimize calculation speed, 3 times faster than before
[*]new method to handle variables, much faster than before
[*]improve 'Simulate the exact value' operation, eg: arcsin(1)*2 will give the result Pi
[*]new handle-mode for custom functions
[*]new way to handle variables in custom functions
[*]the operators /,\ in matrix operation be seemed as ./,.\ temporarily
[-]a bug in 'Scientific notation'
[-]a bug when using a null string as the function parameters
[-]no expression bug, eg:(),[] etc.
[-]the bug in assignment operation, eg: b=a=1 should be b=1,a=1 and the expression value is 1. But all of them are 0 before.
[-]no operands bug in duality operators, eg: 5+,5-,5* etc.
[-]a bug in variables assignment operation inside custom functions
[*]the sample codes according to the new version of the component
[*]the help document of #Calculation Component

Version 1.5.258
[+]begin to support Matrix and Array operation now; it is easy to realize the matrix operation just like MATLAB and more powerful "EXCEL similar" custom functions
[+]use matrix as the parameters of the system functions and the custom functions
[+]the property "SimulateExactValueEnabled" to control whether or not to use the "Simulate the exact value" operation
[+]the property "ZeroPowerEnabled" to control whether or not to use "0^0=1" operation
[+]dot operators (.*, ./, .^, .\) for matrix operation
[+]left division operator "\"
[+]12 new built-in functions
[+]the feature that a matrix or an array will be seemed as a whole item such as a number or a variable etc., so you can get a matrix or array result now
[-]the parameters error when use the multi-parameter functions
[-]the problem that the error information is imprecise sometimes
[-]some problems when use the operators "mod" and "div" in the expression
[-]"No response" problem while doing a huge calculation
[*]70% code of #Calculation Component has been rewritten for supporting matrix and array features in the kernel of the component
[*]many new methods have been used to replace the old realizations in order to improve the speed of calculation process
[*]the sample codes according to the new version of the component
[*]the help document of #Calculation Component

Version 1.1.166
[+]Binary System, Octal System and Hex System support
[+]the mixed operation for Binary, Octal, Decimal and HEXadecimal numbers
[+]many new property and new methods of the control
[+]edit and del the custom functions as you like
[+]Description for custom function
[+]system function "round" for End User as Round function
[+]make "Round Operation" according to the appointed bits
[+]Base-N(2,8,10,16) results can be showed now
[+]a new RegTool has been included into the Formal Version of #Calculation Control Package in order to make the registration process of the control on developer's computer conveniently
[-]the "Infinite Loop" bug when use nesting custom functions
[-]no operators bug between two system functions
[-]the bug that the system functions arcsec(1), arcsec(-1), arccsc(1) and arccsc(-1) can not be calculated
[-]the problem when register the control on the End User's computer with your application
[-]some other little bugs in the former version of #Calculation Control
[*]custom function managing process
[*]the algorithm of some system functions
[*]the data structure of #Calculation Control for developer
[*]the sample programs according to the new version of the control
[*]the help document of #Calculation Control

Version 1.0.268
[*]Remove the property scRegCode and scMachineCode
[*]Rewrite some calculation programs
[-]some bugs
[*]the Help file

Version 1.0.86
[!]First public English version of #Calculation Component released


























































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